For Homeowners

You already have a home, well your options certainly don't stop there. 

Did you know you could use your homes equity to help fund retirement? Do you know what the penalties and mortgage options would be to sell and re-buy? Let us help!  

Helping existing homeowners navigate their options and equity
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Co-Owner Buyout
Buying an owner out of the home

An option to co-owners of a primary residence who are going their own ways, but one would like to keep the property, therefore needing to access the homes equity to payout the other owner.

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Penalties and Porting

Did you know that 60% of homebuyers in Canada break their mortgage term before the due date?  

Mortgage Terms get broken early for many reasons including moving, refinance, better rate or product comes up, life/work change etc. 

The key is knowing how the options work and then how you can protect yourself.

Property Tax Adjustments

Don't be shocked by this bill at time of selling and rebuying, be prepared

There are a couple ways property taxes can create an upfront cost...

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Helping homeowners navigate their equity

A Refinance is when you withdraw money out of a property that you already own.


20% equity needs to remain in the home. So if you take the value of your home and multiply by 80% - that is the maximum mortgage/s you can have against that home. 

Reverse Mortgage 
Helping retired homeowners navigate their equity

A Reverse Mortgage is a loan against the equity in your primary residence. It is a truly mortgage in reverse as you make no payments back to the lender until the property is sold/no longer your primary residence. 

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Ready to see your options?

 If you have any questions while completing the application, please don’t hesitate to reach out.