How To Apply

Step 1: Allow me to get to know you, at the top of the page is the application package which takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Please return to Nikole via email at

Step 2: Within 1 business day Nikole will be in touch with any additional questions to begin your pre-assessment, getting you one step closer to your goal. Having the mortgage application in advance allows me to prepare so that you can be presented with personalized options. Reminder: my service is FREE.

Quick and  Easy. 

Happy Home Hunting. 

What You Can Expect from Nikole

Independent Advice. I’m not tied to one lender so whatever your needs may be, we can seek options.


Easy to Reach. When you have a questions, you need an answer. My turnaround time is extremely prompt.

Save Your Time and Your Credit Rating. It could take weeks to organize appointments with different lenders and each one would need to pull your credit. Too many credit checks will reduce your credit rating. Mortgage Brokers only need to pull credit once while assessing the different lenders that will work best for you.

I expect you to have lots of questions. Have 10 mortgage questions in a day? Great, that's why you have me. 


More Choice Means Competition Means Better Mortgage Rates. With access to a large network of lenders at once is always your best way of finding quick approval and best rates.  


FREE! NO Cost to You. That’s right, I work for YOU but the lender pays for my assistance in bringing the two of you together. I want you to be happy, I want you to get approved.


Quick Access to Other Options. Did you know if you apply at a lender directly and they send your application to one of the Canadian Insurers and it is declined, that the lender cannot try the other 2 Insurers? That is the policy among the majority of Canadian lenders, meaning you would have to go to a new lender and start the application process all over again. A Mortgage Broker however, can have your application into another lender and insurer within 1 minute.

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