Min. down payment 5% 

Personal residential real estate.

Purchase Plus Improvements

A program where you can add money to the mortgage for
renovations at the time of purchaser.

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HELOC - Home Equity Line of Credit

A line of credit can go up to 65% of the value of the property.

Interest only payments required. Re-advanceable.

*ask Nikole how you can get a line of credit with 20% down*


New to Canada

Min. down payment 5%

For newcomers who may not have credit built. 

No Down Payment

Program where an existing credit facility is used for the down payment. Must have excellent credit

and qualify with the down payment loan included.  


Rental Properties

Min down payment 20%



Drawing equity out of a home you already own.

Min. equity that needs to stay in property is 20%

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Reverse Mortgage

An option in retirement to access up to 55% of your equity.


While it makes sense as a business owner to deduct as many expenses as you can, it can also make it more difficult to qualify traditionally with lenders. There are a couple ways we can potentially increase your income for an application: 

Under 20% down payment - potential gross up options.

20% down payment or more - can still access stated income programs. 

Separation | Spousal Buyout

An option to clients who are separating (married, common-law or even siblings can use this program), where one wants to keep the home but needs to buyout the other from equity in the property.      

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Switching to a new lender.