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Mortgage Rates

The rates are so important when it comes to a Mortgage because of the loan size, but even more important first is making sure you go into the right product for you. Oh yes, the "fixed vs variable" debate is coming. I would advise to also keep the following in mind when you review potential payments:

Having life and disability insurance. Cost depends on age and possibly health info but I would add $100 to the payment until you can get actual quotes.  

Your Budget. Be sure to add electric, condo fees, heat, water, property taxes, internet, cell, savings and FUN! Be real with your budget; having your own home is wonderful but it's a lot more fun when you can still do other important life things. Balance. 


Planning on having children? Keep mat leave pay in mind as well as the child care costs after.   

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Why professionals don't like posting rates.

Until the mortgage application is reviewed, it is very difficult to provide accurate rates. Rates are dependant on type, program, live or rate hold, credit score, down payment, time to possession etc. 

I look forward to showing you personalized rates as well as other details about the mortgage options out there. 


Frequently Asked Questions
Mortgage Rates

This information isn't a surprise to our clients. Be one of them. 

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