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Mortgage Renewal

Here it comes, the mortgage renewal date. What do you do? 

1) Do not just accept lender offers. 

2) Contact a Broker (me, me!)

What will Nikole need to know:

1) How long do you plan on living in the home?

2) If applicable, what types of mortgage have you preferred in the past? (all will get re-reviewed though)

3) Do you like the payment where it is? Want it lowered? Increased? While not always possible, I strive to attain what you want of course. 

4) Once you already own a home, the Government restricts us to needing to leave at least 20% equity in the home at minimum. If you have more than this in equity, you may be eligible to do a Refinance if you wanted to draw funds out. Click here for more on Refinances.  

Frequently Asked Questions
Mortgage Renewal

Under Construction

Come back soon! 

This information isn't a surprise to our clients. Be one of them. 

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