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A Refinance is when you withdraw money out of a property that you already own.


20% equity needs to remain in the home. So if you take the value of your home and multiply by 80% - that is the maximum mortgage/s you can have against that home. 

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How much does a mortgage refinance cost?

This involves new legal documents and title re-registration; either can be used to facilitate:

a) FCT* or FNF** which are not lawyers, but they are able to process the legal documents for refinances. I would budget $550-$750 for this.  

b) If a lawyer needs to complete the transaction I would budget approx. $1,200-$1,500. (Nikole will advise your options)


The other cost will be for an appraisal which is approx. $300.


*FCT - First Canadian Title 

**FNF - FNF Canada

Sharing Info That Helps 

The beginning of your adventure starts with the mortgage application

Step 1: The Application

What happens after I submit an application?

Within 24hrs you will be contacted by Nikole with any additional questions and/or information for you. Please complete the application in full, this is the #1 reason for delays at this stage and I want to be quick for you. 

Is my information secure?

All of your data is encrypted, secured and we only use Canadian servers. Click here for more information on the security of the application process. Click here to view TMG's privacy policy. I am also a 100% paperless office.