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You'll feel like family here

You will be treated the way I would want someone to treat my family when requesting a loan. It's not a comfortable position to begin with I know, someone looking at something so personal. We have all been there in one capacity or another, and there isn't a day that what my clients are experiencing escapes me. Everyone who submits an application gets a pre-qualification or a plan on how to get you to your home goal as quickly as possible. I value your trust; please know you will have my ongoing assistance and support, at no cost to you, and your information is always confidential. 


Why it's good to work with TMG

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Canada's largest network of lending partners from coast-to-coast.


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 Hundreds of qualified and accredited mortgage industry professionals.


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Mortgage professionals assess and help you understand what you can comfortably afford to borrow.

Buying a home?

You've decided you want to start the process of buying a home. As your mortgage broker, I will guide you through the application process from beginning to end so you can make the most out of the programs and opportunities available for home buyers such as yourself!

Having a professional helping will always come in handy when understanding mortgages rates, lenders, and the additional costs that come with buying a property.

Already own a home?

If you already own a home, you should know that there are great opportunities and options for you. From mortgage refinancing to assessing porting options, there are many programs available for current homeowners.

Since you're not locked in forever with your mortgage, having a professional helping you get the best rate from the best lender is a fantastic chance for you to make the most out of your investment.


What Clients Say On Google 

Nikole was a joy to work with as we obtained our first mortgage. She advocated for our interests, helped us pick the best mortgage/lender for our needs, was prompt with replying to and anticipating questions, and explained things to us in plain language. And despite our only correspondence being online, her kindness and genuine excitement for the client shines through! I'd recommend her to anyone wanting to build themselves a rockstar home buying team, as we were lucky enough to have.


We are very proud to offer the BEST Mortgage Calculator App in Canada.


  • Pre-Qualification Calculator

  • Purchase Calculator

  • Payment Frequencies

  • Extra Payments

  • Amortization Schedule

  • Scenario Management

  • Refinance Analyzer

  • Compare Mortgages Side-by-Side


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The beginning of your adventure starts with the mortgage application

Step 1: The Application

What happens after I submit an application?

Within 24hrs you will be contacted by Nikole with any additional questions and/or information for you. Please complete the application in full, this is the #1 reason for delays at this stage and I want to be quick for you. 

Is my information secure?

All of your data is encrypted, secured and we only use Canadian servers. Click here for more information on the security of the application process. Click here to view TMG's privacy policy. I am also a 100% paperless office. 


What happens if I don't qualify right now?

Then we plan. Our homes are typically our largest asset and debt, it's normal to need some planning time. 

My realtor asked for a pre-qualifying letter?

No problem, I can provide that after application review.